Sunday, March 4, 2012

Introducing XPANDED GGC, INC

Welcome to XPANDED GGC. INC.

            Hello everyone is a pleasure to us have the opportunity to introduce to you, this blog the is create to show to our audience what XPANDED GGC, INC. do. We are a publicity company working together with a magazine Latin Go Media for more the five years. Our purpose is to help new artist, business, writers, and music entrainments. We have the opportunity to work with different type of communication media TV, Radio, Newspaper where the consumer have the opportunity to advertise with a great cost. This is one of the best opportunity for folks the want to star a carrier in the entrainment industry.  We also prepare concert for different nonprofit organization for Child Abuse, Rehabilitations Center, HIV, and Cancer Associations in Puerto Rico. Have the opportunity to be part of the Woman of Joy in Orlando 2011 one of the media. Give to the community is our #1 priority is to bless the one in need with music, entraitaiments and work hand by hand with different organizacion the provide gratitude service like Medical Health, Prevention, Information about what happen in the community like the Police Department, Fire Department, Domestic Violence, Church, around the community.  

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